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Insurance Status System

What is The InsureNet Public Safety Link?

Linking Public Safety

InsureNet is a technology link to support the sharing of information via Nlets to criminal justice agencies.

It is a data search tool enabling Nlets to provide instant and critical vehicle information across its network under justice standards and to provide information to NVI-DEx, the National Vehicle Information Data Exchange.

NVI-DEx, established in 2006 is a unified and unclassified national sharing system that enables criminal justice agencies to search, link, analyze and share local, State, Tribal, and Federal records regarding compulsory vehicle liability insurance, registration status, and assistance with hot lists, BOLOS, while acting as a secure national repository.

NVI-DEx is powered by and connected to Nlets through their secure international network facility in Phoenix, AZ. USA. NVI-DEx acts in partnership with all vehicle stakeholders i.e. respective state and regional law enforcement switches, departments of insurance, motor vehicles and public safety, private insurers and vendors.